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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Death to Pasta

So, my sister birthday was on Friday and we decided to take her to Dave & Buster's to have a good time. So I'm looking at the menu and I am like what am I to eat....mmmmm, i love shrimp, lobster, and steak. So I'm looking and I find the perfect meal...didn't think one time about the pasta....so I got the Pasta Alfredo with steak, shrimp, and lobster meat.....I had a glass of water with lemon. While I'm thinking I am doing good my body had another thought ( weight...add weight). So i enjoyed myself and my family and food. I didn't eat all of it and left a lot of the pasta and steak. Ok so I'm feeling good and happy.


Saturday morning, time for Zumba and the day that I weight myself....so excited to see more weight coming off!!!! Get on the scale and knowing to myself that I have dropped two pounds the scale says....."You have gained two pounds"....What the H***!!! I'm like what in the world happened. I worked out watched what I have been eating, sugar intake, drinking water, etc, etc....then it hit me....PASTA!!!! Oh my gosh, death to pasta I say....I am so over it....Now I have to work out hard to get these two pounds off!!!!

                                         PASTA IS DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!

Changing Butterfly


  1. So cool that you've started blogging :) I'll check back often to see how you're doing.

  2. Hi Lap band gal sent me. Welcome to the club so to speak. I´m a new follower for sure :D

  3. Lap Band Gal sent me over! Can't wait to keep up with your blogging!

  4. Hi there! LBG sent me over too. I look forward to getting to know you!

  5. Hey! LBG sent me!! Looking forward to following your success!! I'm going to be banded in June! You can find my blog at www.goodbyefatkat.blogspot.com!! Come check it out!!

  6. Thank you all for checking out my blog.....i greatly appreciate it....Smoochies