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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year & New Me


Well, I haven't blog in a while I was traveling from MD, to SC, and then to NC......long ride hey!!! Anyway, I enjoyed my holiday and ate to much and eat to much again. I really enjoyed my family and all the time that we spent together.

Now, the real issue:
 I am in a dilemma. Went to my first support group meeting and know I am thinking of changing my surgery from lapband to vertical sleeve.....ummmmmm????????? The place that I will be getting my surgery only has to surgeons that does the lapband and all the other things that go with that (fills/unfills). However, when they go on deployment it is know one to do the things that you need ( as u can see I am a military spouse). Then also, I am considering having a child a year after the surgery and just the concerns of all of that. I don't know what to do. JUST LOST!!!! 

I am almost done with all of my preop paperwork and hopefully will get a date.  My hubby in the beginning wanted me to get the sleeve but i closed my mind to everything when I seen that the lapband seemed easier for me....Now i should have considered all pros and cons to both of these surgeries.....

Well this is my dilemma and here is a pic of me 

I am now 245 pounds from 255 pounds......i lost my ten pounds!!!!!! HOOORRAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on your loss! Great pic! I had the band and I love it. I am averaging about a loss of 2 lbs a week. I don't know much about VSG but Move aside fatty at (http://moveasidefatty.blogspot.com/) had VSG and A Fat Wife's Journey to Fabulous (http://fatwifesjourney.blogspot.com/) is pregant. I know you can get pregnant with the band. Good luck what ever you decide :)

  2. i came very close to switching from the band to the sleeve but decided to stick with my first choice. I always figured if something goes wrong they can take the band out but they cant give me back the part of my stomach they took out. Plus I like the accountability of the band- having to see the doctor for fills and for him to see how well or not so well i'm doing- but thats just me, I'm sure that you will do great no matter what you choose

  3. I'm about five months out from my surgery and up until yesterday I have my mind made up with the Lap Band but now I'm not so sure so you're not alone I'm sure you'll make the right choice and you'll do great no matter what you choose good luck you can follow my blog at www.goodbye fatkat.blogspot.com. I look forward to reading about your success and sharing with you!

  4. Thank you Banded Strong I will read their blogs as well. That is true Deirdre that you cant get your stomach back but you can take the lapband out. But what happens after that? Kathy why are you unhappy with your decision?

  5. Hi there - new follower! Great work on the 10lb loss! Give the sleeve a lot of thought... the band has worked really well for me (I am close to 2 years banded) - but doesn't work for everyone. It depends a lot on each individual, and even the sleeve isn't a magic wand! Looking forward to following your journey

    1. Thank you and I have decided to go with the sleeve...I think that it is an better option for me with my lifestyle. Thank you for following my journey. I will keep you posted!!!!