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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sleep Study

Well, I did my sleep study last night and it went ok. I looked like I was a alien coming down to earth....hahaha. Anyway, she explained everything to me and told me she would come in at a certain time if I needed the mask. Oh, i did a split sleep study with the wires and then with he mask if needed. Anywhooo, of course I needed the mask. She came in and told me me that within an hour i stopped breathing 28 times....GEEEESH!!!!! That had my mind in turmoil for a while. But glad that it is over and now I know that i have.....Sleeeeeepppp ApNea!!!! Seems scary rite. Well this the room i was in.....u see the camera looking!!!!HAHA it sees all things...lol

Well here is a freaky pic of me laying in the dark looking like a space alein.....please don't judge the way I look....I deal with some self image issues due to the PCOS....thanks
Alien Invasion
So this is almost my last appointment. I have to go back on the 20th for them to reveal the secrets......

Changing Butterfly


  1. Glad you have that study behind you! Onward! Welcome to blogland!

  2. Thank you much....I'm am too...lol