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Friday, January 18, 2013

Vision Board

Well, I am in the process of doing an inspiration/vision board. I thought that it would be cool to have something to remind me of what i want to accomplish. Some goals, dreams, and inspirations....so yea i am doing that and of course I will post a pic once I am done.....

Workout this week has sucked.....got sick on Wednesday (eating fried foods.....haha..that is what I get). and then Thursday I didn't feel like it BUT today, I am going to the GYM......yes, yes, ....so yeah

I have my last two appts on Jan 23 (support group and endoscopy) I am excited for that....maybe my surgery will be scheduled in Feb....cross your fingers for me....


I need some good good protein to drink. I have been having a issue with finding some that I like and also how to drink it.....seriously I need help with that.....but that is all for now

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  1. I drink Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Professional Strength - Whey Protein + Plus in Triple Chocolate also in Strawberry - and I use Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk making it 200 calories and 31 grams protein for the chocolate and 26 for the strawberry. I didn't do to much taste testing but they are pretty tollerable- and convienently found at walmart

  2. I use Unjury Protien powder and I drink EAS AdvantEDGE® Carb Control™ Ready-to-Drink shakes when I am in a hurry or just dont feel like getting the blender out. I really like the Unjury because it has a consistancy like hot chocolate and disolves great. The inspiration board sounds like a great idea! I can't wait to read about it!

  3. I drink Atkins Protein shakes. 160 calories, 15g of protein, only 1 g of sugars. It does have 9g of fat, so it's not a low fat drink but it has a great flavor (the milk chocolate delight is yum!) and it's quick and easy.

  4. I have tried a gajillion powdered protein drinks, and the best I have found is UNJURY. They have a sample pack you can order. It is the smoothest/least chalky/easiest to mix. Plus they promise purity by not using anything from China (who wants a little melamine in their drink??!) Check out their website.
    For ready-to-drink, I go to BOLTHOUSE FARMS chocolate protein drink. I like the flavor, and it's always available at my local grocer.

  5. Thank you all ladies.....I tried shakeology that was nasty....yuck.....I am going to keep trying because I have to have something but looking forward to the road of trying these different things. thank you all